Louder Than A Bomb

The must see documentary Louder Than A Bomb premiers on the OWN Network tonight at 9:00 PM EST. The DVD will be released in March. This documentary chronicles the quest of four teen slam poetry teams to win the world’s largest teen poetry slam competition in the world. More than six hundred teens from sixty Chicago area schools gather annually for the Louder Than A Bomb slam poetry competition. If you want to see great poetry, and be inspired by what teens can accomplish, this is a must see movie for you. There is also a school edition with lesson plans to assist teachers with implementing poetry programs in their classrooms and schools.


Young Chicago Authors site: http://youngchicagoauthors.org/blog/

In December, Flint River School in Clayton County, Georgia hosted our first open mic poetry event, Verses and Flows. In the near future I  will be posting student poetry podcasts, and interviews with our language arts teachers about how they promote poetry in the classroom. I will also be including tips for engaging special needs students in poetry activities. Please comment on this post. Let us know how you are promoting poetry at your schools and in your classrooms!




  1. ReVerb said:

    Very much so inspired by this video. I am a documentary producer and was so moved I decided to help some local performing artist.

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