Liberty’s Kids

If you are a teacher in grades 4-8 and you teach about the American Revolution, you should be using Liberty’s Kids, an excellent television series from PBS. This 40-episode series tracks the events leading up to the Revolution, documents the causes, provides cultural context, introduces important historical figures, and extends through the Second Continental Congress. Each 30 minute episode is fast-paced, engaging and packed with facts. My students love the animation, are asking great questions about the Revolution, and are learning a lot. The series is available on DVD, but if you have a Discovery Education account, all 40 episodes are there! It even has a catchy theme song that your kids will be singing along, even if they can’t help it!




  1. Linda Thurber said:

    I looked for these videos on Discovery Streaming, but couldn’t find them. Any ideas why? I have a membership.

  2. Chris Taylor said:

    I shared this blog post with my teachers. Several of them immediately reported to me that they could not find the videos on DS. I looked also and cannot find them??

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