Write Me Another Story

Over winter vacation while reading one of my favorite blogs – Mind/Shift I learned about a really amazing story writing app with the power to design beautiful student created images or uploading other images.

Scribble Press is a free iPad app that gives children the tool to create wonderful stories that they can share by email, to the gallery, or converted to an ebook.

Here are two examples:
Enrique created a story about Butterscotch, our classroom bunny.

David created a book about big cats using DE images though he forgot to add his citation page.

I love apps that engage my students in wanting to write and being excited about writing stories. Our iPad is filling with stories that my students have been creating.

Thank you Scribble Press!



  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    This is a great App! Since loading on my ipad and showing my daughter, I can’t get her to stop!
    It contains great starter books, allowing her the option to create a story by adding in words to fill choices while exploring options with creativity all her own!
    Thanks for sharing Kari!

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