A Model of Objectives


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How many educators are asked to develop objectives to be integrated into lesson plans for administration, grant applications, or even individualized education plans (IEPs)? Nearly every teacher correct?

I encourage everyone to review this website from Iowas State University. When you mouse over the each column within the 3D diagram a short statement containing a verb and noun will appear. These are key terms one can used in develop objectives needed for their writing. For example, I mouse over the meeting point of “conceptual” from the Knowledge Dimension and evaluate of Cognitive Process Dimension it provides me the verb of “Determine” and nouns of “relevance of results”. Thus, the objective of “Students will be able to determine the relevance of results collected from the electronic and gas usage of the Chevy Volt, could possibly be one written into a STEM grant.
Now, what objectives could you create and integrate? Take a look at the other Blooms Taxonomy resources shared and develop away. Be sure to share with all of us your thoughts on this interactive resource and the value it provides!


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