Teaching and Learning are what is FOCUSED on in Finland

Superintendent David Britten of Godfrey Lee Public Schools in Michigan writes in his blog: That many people seem to think that when it comes to student learning in Public Schools that  “the solution in America involves (1) give more tests, (2) fire more teachers, (3) destroy the unions, and (4) open the market up for ginormous profiteering through charter school management.  All of these focus on the bottom financial line. None of these focus on student learning.”

Read his piece by clicking here:  Stop the Testing Madness and Focus on What the Finns have already Proven Works

Then you might want to consider some of the following questions:

  • How might America move into a future of high achievement and accomplishment for all of our students?
  • What are  the instructional elements of present systems would we want to take into a SOLID future of positive outcomes for ALL our students?
  • What questions can I (as an educator) pose in my day-to-day work environment that might help fellow educators and people in charge of policy to de-emphasize  a focus on testing?
  • What are the positive reasons for looking at the future of American education as potentially benefiting form the learning opportunities instructional technology holds?
  • What benefits are possible for American students if we were to learn from the Finns?
  • What are ways our students can demonstrate that they are learning?
  • In what ways can I truly impact having teaching and learning be the focus  of the schooling I am involved with?







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