Day of Discovery at USA Conference

Discovery Education returns the America’s Heartland by sponsoring a Day of Discovery in Wichita, Kansas (Wednesday, January 25, 2012) as a pre-conference for the Unified School Administrators of Kansas Conference. Kansas administrators will have the honor of listening to Matt Monjan as the keynote speaker as well as Justin Karkow and Joe Diaz during breakout sessions. Here is the agenda for Discovery Education’s pre-conference event:
7:30 – 8:00 a.m. Pre-Conference Registration
8:00 – 8:10 a.m. Opening Remarks by USA
8:10 a.m. Matt Monjan – Keynote

  • Consumer to Creator – The Student as Both the Learner and the Teacher.
  • Not only does today’s student want to be engaged through technology, media, and conversations at the same time, they also want to be able to instantly share their own content, ideas, and creativity with their peers and, in fact, the world. Our students have progressed beyond consumers of content to become producers and publishers. How do we, as educators, teach to someone who is technically proficient, and social media-minded? During this session we’ll explore different avenues in which the traditional model of learning is replaced with a challenge that requires students to draw on prior learning, acquire new knowledge, and tap their creativity to fashion solutions.

Don’t stress about deciding which sessions to attend. All participants will be able to attend the sessions provided by Matt, Justin and Joe as they are being conducted as concurrent sessions. Here is the schedule for each session as well as lunch.
9:20 Session 1
10:30 Session 2
11:30 Lunch and Private Screening Event
12:30 Session 3
1:30 Wrap-up and Door Prizes

  • Justin Karkow will be presenting “Digital Integration & the Common Core”

This presentation focuses on how school and district leaders can maximize effective teaching practices and improve student engagement resources through quality professional development with an emphasis on coaching and mentoring. Concepts and ideas discussed include a focus on articulating explicit goals that are measurable and observable, as well as conducting professional development that includes the integration of common core focused content, pedagogy best practices, and available technologies.

  • Matt Monjan’s breakout session is entitled “A Tangled Web of Content Untangled for Administrators”

There has never been more award-winning and innovative content on the Web to use in the classroom. How does an administrator cull through the sites for the best materials? During this session we’ll explore the web to find safe source material and interactive web 2.0 sites that you can use to engage your students. We’ll also examine different ways in which you can marry this new found content together with the content you already have access to within Discovery Education streaming.

  • Joe Diaz will be addressing “Coast to Coast Collaboration for the 21st Century Educator”

Don’t let distance come between your schools and collaboration! Whether it is across your district, county, or state, learn how to close the distance with on-line collaboration tools. In this session you will learn how to incorporate a host of free resources that will allow you and your teachers to streamline instructional planning, deliver professional development, raise student test scores, and connect classrooms for FREE!!! A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles, so let’s take the road less travelled!

The Kansas Leadership Council encourages everyone to come learn, collaborate, and enjoy this Day of Discovery with us in Wichita!


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