Techbook Extravaganza!

Psssst! Have you heard the new buzzword going around school? Something called a Techbook is replacing textbooks and grabbing student’s attention in science classrooms across the nation.  Hi, everyone! My name is Emily and I’m here to tell you the inside scoop about this thing called a Techbook. The Techbook has transformed my world at work and in many classrooms all over the United States. I am an account manager for Discovery Education and work with school districts that have purchased the Techbook to ensure the digital transition is a smooth and easy ride for everyone.

I get to witness first-hand how technology is being implemented in school districts. It’s exciting to work day-in and day-out with administrators and teachers who are using the Techbook live in their classroom. I have had the privilege of visiting classrooms and speaking with students who use the Techbook in their classes to see how they like using our resources at school. Many have increased their interest in science and technology as well as shown significant improvement in schoolwork because of the Science Techbook. How cool is that!

The Techbook not only provides awesome content aligned to each state’s standards (we currently have a Science Techbook available for most grades K-8 in 30 states across the U.S.), but includes a model lesson for teachers to use with every concept, assessment questions for each standard, a teacher’s guide, and DVDs for when the Internet is not available. Resources such as the virtual labs, reading passages, video segments, science sleuths, explorations, and interactive glossary, etc., are packaged together to follow the five E model of instruction. Teachers have found an easier and creative way to build lessons using technology resources and content, as well as differentiating their classroom.

Being a part of the Techbook team at Discovery Education allows me to experience the magic that happens in the classroom. Whether it’s participating in our live broadcasted lessons called Seasonal Science Streams, engaging the community by hosting family nights, or interviewing teachers and students about their experience, the Techbook brings the classroom alive to me. This is why I <3 Techbook! (Get read for the I <3 Techbook contest we will be hosting for Techbook teachers in February).

To see the magic, check out the Mr. Lance video HERE.


-Emily Waters


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