Building the DEN in Canada

It’s been 2 weeks since I began my official role as Community Manager for the Canadian DEN. Needless to say my mind is spinning with possibilities and the vast opportunities that Discovery has for teachers. While I was previously aware of many of these, I’ve been bombarded with so much more as I learn about the potential of this community. The quality of people who truly care about teachers and students is impressive.

Last week I was involved with some PD for the Ottawa-Carleton School District. Clare Devine and Karen Seddon provided a great two days with their district coaches. I had an a chance to briefly explain the value and benefits of the DEN to these folks. While I’m not sure how many went in to complete the DEN Star application, I know of one teacher who was very excited to tell me that she was on her way to becoming a STAR. This was a good opportunity for me to do my first official give away on behalf of Discovery.

Photo Courtesy: Karen Seddon

I see I have to work on my give away skills as you have no idea what that shirt even says or that it’s even a shirt. Still, I’m excited to be part of a variety of ways we can support teachers as they work to impact learning for their students.

If you’re a Canadian educator that is interested in what the DEN is or is already involved in the DEN, please contact me.

Or any other way you prefer. I would love to connect and have you help me help teachers.

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    Welcome! I hope to see you swing through SK sometime 🙂

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