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If you recently updated to ios5 and/or received an iPhone for a gift- here are the top 5 tips I have shared with others.
Please feel free to comment and post any additional tips for the greater good!

1- GRAPHICS IN TEXTS/MESSAGES: You can add fantastic pictures and icons to your text and mail messages.  Go to Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards> Add New Keyboard– Add the Language called “EMOJI”.  Then, when you are texting or typing, to switch to that keyboard and insert a graphic, you just click the tiny ‘world’ icon at the bottom of your keyboard next to the ‘123″ key.  It’s that simple- then to switch back to regular keyboard tap the “123”.
2- CAMERA WHEN SCREEN IS LOCKED: When your screen is locked, DOUBLE CLICK the home button (circular bottom) to enable iTunes at the top or your camera at the bottom of the locked screen.  Your VOLUME UP button will take the photo- no need to even unlock the screen.
3- CREATE FOLDERS: Press and hold on any icon on your phone- when it wiggles, drag it on top of any other icon to create folders and organize your device.
4- NOTIFICATION CENTER:  Swipe down from the top of your screen to see your notification center.
5- LOCK SCREEN ROTATION: Double click your home bottom, swipe from left to right on the icons in the bottom tray-  the far left button will lock your screen to prevent it from rotating.
Sandi H. Dennis- City Schools of Decatur, GA-


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  1. Tia said:

    Thanks for sharing. I especially like Tip #2. This has increased my personal productivity exponentially. I have a two-year-old son who doesn’t keep still. Instead of opening my phone > searching for where I placed the camera app > trying to capture his “cute” moment three years later, I just double-tap and snap away! LOL

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