Stop Motion

I first tried making stop motion at ISTE this past summer and have been eager to try it with my students.  I knew that purchasing software to make these videos would be impossible so I was thrilled when I found a free Adobe Air app – JellyCam !  For a free app this is fantastic.  It has onion skinning (so you can see the last shot as well as the one you are setting up), reverse, and – time lapse! Videos are created as .flv and are ready to upload to YouTube; I use ZamZar (free online file conversion) to convert them to WP4 inorder to edit further in iMovie.  The newest version (V3) is beta but includes a way to delete the Jellycam logo from the videos. If you go to the make a donation page the creator has included a code to remove the bar, even if you don’t make a donation.  Unfortunately, I’ve found a glitch in V3 – using a MacBook Pro and a digital video camera, I am unable to switch to the DV camera so I’m still using V2.   I’m sure this glitch will be fixed eventually.

I recently added another stop motion application – iStopMotion on my iPad.  This app includes onion skinning and time lapse as well.  After recording your video you can add music directly from your iTunes library.  Videos can be emailed or uploaded to YouTube from the app.  iStopMotion includes the ability to use your iPhone (with the free iStopCamera app) as a remote camera as long as they are on the same WiFi network.

It’s wonderful to have 2 affordable (or free) applications that both do a great job of creating stop motion to choose from. No matter which you choose you will not be disappointed.