From webpage to iBook epub In two clicks?

Post authored by Howard Martin

So you have a website with a lot of good information in it and you want to capture it on your iPad for students to view at any time.  Say hello to dotEpub!

The setup is fairly straightforward, but you do have to set it up on the iPad.  First, go to the website on the iPad, . Scroll down the page to “Bookmarklet for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad”.  Keep the check mark on EPUB format. Following their directions on this page, copy the javascript code in the box, create a new bookmark, and then paste the copied text into the bookmark.

Now that you have the dotepub bookmark on the iPad, all you need to do is go to the webpage you wish to make into a book and select the ePub bookmark you just made.  Your iPad gives you a page to choose how you want to open your ePub download.  I select ‘iBooks’ and find the website formatted as a book, ready to read.

There are directions on the dotepub website that shows how to do the same thing using most computer browsers as well.  Chrome has an extension that makes it just a little easier.  Not only can you make epub’s, but it will also do the same thing for the Mobi format for Kindles.

The downside is that it doesn’t bring over most website graphics. The text is pretty-well formatted, but there are usually no pictures. Also, with today’s Apple Computer announcement being highly projected as an ePub  announcement, the iPad use of ebooks may be radically changed.

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  1. Kass Bates said:

    Thanks Howard, anxious to try this!

    If you are looking for another great epub app that is user freindly for elementary students try Book Creator. You can include pictures, text and audio in a few short minutes. You can add it directly to your iBook shelf or share through Dropbox. We are using it to share student created books across the district. But it can be shared with anyone who has a dropbox account.

  2. pdf ebooks said:

    I did rather prefer to stay with standar pdf ebooks. Everybody in the world will be able to read them, not just a few iPad owners.

    • Kass Bates said:

      I certainly understand wanting everyone to be able to read them regardless of device or no device. But for young elementary students the beauty of the story creator app is that you can add pictures or illustrations. Very young learners still rely heavily upon these for text support. So I thought it was worth sharing for those who are in the elementary world.

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