Science Upclose

When I am not thinking about teaching and using technology, I am engaged in some fiber activity – spinning, weaving, or holding my angora bunnies. But until recently I never brought this part of me into the classroom. Last year I wrote a proposal for donors choose to get cardboard looms and a silkworm farm as well as a flip camera to document our learning. Let’s just say that I cooked our silkworm eggs instead of hatching them.

So this year I wrote another proposal and was able to get a class set of wood looms and another silkworm farm. Now I am a learner just like my students so this time I didn’t cook them.

Here is some of our footage using a proscope.

Our plan is to teach our students about the life cycle of the silkworm, document the cycle, harvest the silk from the cocoons, and weave with the silk.