Build a Teacher Homepage in 15 Minutes!

Have you ever wished you had your own homepage on the web? Want a place you can post instructions and reminders for your students, but don’t know anything about web design? I’ll show you how!

You may want to grab a cup of coffee for this one.

First you want to visit a website called Weebly. Weebly is both a content creation tool and a web host. Meaning, you can build your site there and publish it on the web, all for free, and with no ads! I should point out at this point that they are in no way associated with or supported by Discovery Education. Fortunately, it’s so easy to use, you’re unlikely to need much support!

In the interest of brevity, I’m only going to cover the main steps needed, which should be more than enough to get you started.

First, go to Weebly and sign up. Make sure you type your email address correctly. Choose a name for your site. For “Type of Site” choose “Education” and for “Category”, choose “Teacher” (or “Student”, as students can get in on the fun too!).

Next you’ll choose your “subdomain” which is where your site will live in the Weebly network. I chose “mrsmallwood”, making my web address Note: the subdomain replaces the “www”, and will not work with “www” added.

Now you’re ready to design! This is the Weebly builder. It’s what makes the site special. It may look overwhelming at first, but it’s actually very easy. The first thing you want to do is click on the Design tab, and choose a template for your design.

I’ve chosen the template design above, which has a white space beneath for content. Now click the Elements tab. The elements are the building blocks for your page.

To begin building, all you have to do is left click on the element, and while holding the left mouse button, drag it down to the page area below and release. Try it now with Title!


I’ve dragged the Title element down to the page, typed in my text, highlighted the text with my mouse, and clicked the “center” button, indicated by the red arrow. This centers the title on the page.

Now it’s time to introduce you to the most powerful tool in the Weebly toolbox, Multiple Columns!

Your Friend.

This option is what enables you to build truly professional looking pages, if you so desire. You drag it down to where you want it, then drag the centerline to the left or right, to determine how you’d like the page to be divided up. The magical thing about it is that you can place these dividers inside of each other, giving you endless layout options!

Here’s the first divider:


and here’s another added inside:

Now let’s put some elements inside!

Here we’ve added 2 Paragraph elements, and a Picture element! The Picture element allows you to upload a photo from your computer, or use one from the web.

Now, let’s save our work! Click Publish! Remember to do this regularly, to prevent your work from being lost.

When you publish/save you will see this message, which will offer you a link to preview your site live on the web!


Finally, here’s our published page!

As you can see, Weebly is a fun and easy way to build pages for your classes!

Join us next week for the second part of this feature, to learn more advanced tips (like adding links!) that will make your page even better!


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