FETC Conference Catchup

This week has been a whirlwind of activity in Orlando at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. Tuesday had everyone flipping as we learned how to use Flip cameras to make a huge impact on our student’s learning. Thanks Discovery for a great pre-con event. Dr. Lodge’s music, paper-slide videos and flipping techniques were enjoyed by all.

Wednesday was filled with many great conference session, exhibits, new gadgets, and sharing of great ideas. Edmodo is keeping everyone connected throughout the conference and beyond with a wealth of information from conference sessions and attendees. On the exhibit door there were so many great gadgets, tools, and software to explore. The end of the 400 row has a great gadget for your iPad too! Mount Me makes a tripod stand for your iPad that is very light weight and versatile too. Check it out!

The last session I attended was the DEN show and Tell. Everyone had great resources, iPad apps and hands on lessons to share. Visit Edmoto and join our group ZXO1HS to see all the great resources!

One more day of learning, sharing, and collaborating so goodnight everyone!


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