Year of the Dragon


At midnight on January 23, 2012 (so we’re talking about when January 22nd ends and January 23rd begins) Chinese New Year kicked off to welcome the year of the dragon. Quite possibly the strongest sign on the Chinese zodiac, people born under the dragon are considered natural leaders, driven, and often have colorful personalities. Being born under the sign of the dragon is a huge deal in China, where there currently is a baby boom this year thanks to families aiming to have dragon babies.

Chinese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in China, with festivities lasting for 15 days and concluding with a remarkable Latern Festival

Both of my parents are from Taiwan and we as a family spend the first day of the Chinese New Year with a grand feast of noodles, duck, and other delectable Chinese dishes. Theoretically, we should be cleaning out the house since it is tradition to sweep the away any ill-fortune from the previous year so that we can make room for incoming good luck, but we mainly let the Roomba Vaccuum work its magic while we work off the food coma. The adults also prepare red envelopes containing money for the younger kids, which was always what I was looking forward to when I was a child. Bought myself so many pogs thanks to Chinese New Year.

But I digress. I wish you all a very sincere happy new year and I hope that the year of the dragon brings much prosperity throughout this upcoming year!


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