Are you Pinterested?

Oh my… Another Internet addiction has hit, and I am working hard to balance it with my Words with Friends, Facebook, and all of my Google habits. The website is called, and it is a visual buffet of anything and everything that might interest you. They describe themselves as an online pinboard, where users can “pin” pictures that interest them. One of the first things that I pinned was a picture from the website Free Technology for Teachers ( written by Richard Byrne. It was immediately “liked” and “shared” by numerous people, and it was exciting to see information about this amazing resource spread like wildfire. I also saw project ideas for classrooms, inspirational sayings, recipes, outfits… You name it! The information sharing at is powerful, but watch out–so is the fun! 🙂


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  1. TweetDeckTV said:

    Education…what a great use for Pinterest!
    You can *curate* for a whole class, a particular lesson, an individual assignment, or even a Pinterest Prom!

    NEXT: Let’s get some legislators and private investors Pinterested in creating a program for High School kids that EARNS THEM COLLEGE CREDIT for their work on creating aid programs for other kids. They’d learn real-world skills while banking applied credits, which would make college affordable to kids who otherwise might not have realized how capable they are. And it would get skilled, ambitious youth out into the work force as the engineers, manufacturers, and technical workers America needs!
    Let’s do this!

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