Meet the New Guy! Dan Choi

Introducing the newest member of the DE level 1 support team; Dan, is eager to help with your technical needs. Dan graduated from Syracuse University in 2011 with B.S. in Information Management. He loves philosophy, books, movies, football, travelling, and above all else food. There are food lovers who like to analyze the taste and then there are people who just like to eat. Dan likes to eat. If Dan could travel across the country eating with Adam Richman from Man vs. Food, it would be a dream come true. When Dan isn’t eating his life away, he values the company of his friends and family focusing on the simple parts of life. He describes himself as a simple guy with simple needs, and by observing his range of food selection he isn’t picky.

Being the rookie of the group, Dan is currently playing catch up to the extraordinary support team Discovery Education has to offer. Dan vows to help with any of your needs and give you the best service leaving you with a smile of satisfaction.


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