More Reflections on DEN SCIcon 2012

Both Jane and David have done a great job of highlighting features of the wonderful gathering of educators at the Mark Twain House Visitor Center this past Saturday. I am so grateful for them sharing their notes, summary comments, and links to the archived presentations. One of the highlights for me was being privileged to participate (by cheering) in the closing session by Patti Duncan, broadcast right from the room we were in. She did a tremendous job, and I really felt as if she were speaking directly to our own contingent rather than to the world, at large. I had often wondered how those broadcasts were done, and now I know. Really neat!
I also have to mention that I brought only my iPad, and through the wonder of the Splashtop app, I was able to connect to my home laptop, some 60 miles away, and be able to participate in the webinar, chat room and all. I must admit, I would rather have had my laptop or my husband’s netbook, for everytime I went to take notes in Evernote, I was knocked out of my connection to my laptop and had to reconnect all over again. However, the fact that I was able to participate in the webinar, even though Web-ex is not supported by the iPad, is major.
I took some pictures that I hope you will enjoy:


Some took notes the old fashioned way, and some electronically

Patti keeping active in the chat - and Howard, intent on the stream


There were door prizes, too!


Patti Duncan presenting during the closing session


Me with the beautiful Mark Twain House in the background


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