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Northern Illinois Computing Educators held their Mini-Conference on Saturday, January 28th.  The Keynote speaker was Steve Dembo of Discovery, and his presentation of cutting edge Web 2.0 apps provided an energetic beginning to the event.  Would we expect any less?  The crowd was enthused, and Steve was dynamic – his breadth of knowledge and ability to keep up with whats new is amazing.  It was worth being there just for the Keynote but there was so much more.
More than 350 people attended, and were able to choose from 30 different sessions – with such a huge variety to choose from that it was difficult to decide!  For those of you who attended, I am sure you will agree.
Food, snacks, drinks, and pleasant conversation, plus an un-conference – an amazing, affordable event at ONLY $5!
Most attended and talked about sessions:
All iPad sessions (4 to choose from)
The Flipped classroom with Jon Bergmann who is now living in Illinois.  Jon and Sam Aaron originated this concept that is spreading throughout the US.
Interactive teacher session using pop culture – Ryan Goble and Pam Goble with Media  – got us out of our seats and actively participating, learning, and having fun —
Web 2.0 and more
If you missed the event, here are the topics and resources that were shared:
Come to the ICE conference in St. Charles, Illinois from February 28- March 2, 2012 to get energized with new ways to engage your classrooms. Many of the presenters that were at NICE will be sharing their unique ideas at ICE. Below are a few presenters and topics that will be must sees at ICE:
Steve Dembo providing energetic presentations as a feature speaker on Wednesday

Jon Bergmann – The Flipped Classroom during the general sessions

iPad sessions- lots and lots of general sessions

Interactive White Board General Sessions

And LOTS more!

Mobile Learning Sessions

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