Ever bought the same book twice? There’s an app for that!

This past weekend I spent the morning at the used book sale at my local library.  I brought in a large box and proceeded to fill it within five minutes with treasures.  I started wondering how many of my treasures were “repeats”– books I’d read in the past or tucked away somewhere and couldn’t remember that I owned them.  Maybe I have a slight “collecting” problem when it comes to books-  but that’s another topic for a different type of blog.  You get the picture.

So, being the Media and Technology Specialist that I am- I thought to myself- ‘there has to be an app for this’.  Turns out, there is! I downloaded the App called “Book Crawler” to my iphone, synced it with a free barcode reader , and began the process of scanning my entire book collection at home— using the barcodes that come on the back or inside cover of each book.  If the barcode wouldn’t scan, I entered the ISBN number.  Viola! I now have a complete list of my personal library in my iphone with pictures of the book covers!  I can organize my library into collections, such as “cookbooks”, “mysteries”, “daughter’s books”, etc.  I can also search by title or author, and when I am shopping for books in the future I will scan the barcode to see if I already own it.  I now know what I have duplicate copies of– and I have already started a donation box to give my duplicates back to the public library for their next used book sale.

I’ll be able to stop myself next time from buying them again.


Sandi Dennis- Media and Instructional Technology Specialist- DEN LC Member and Blogger for Georgia- City Schools of Decatur, GA  sdennis@csdecatur.net
Let me know if you’ve tried anything like this and what you’re using.


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  1. Tutuapp said:

    I had used the Book Crawler app earlier and I must say that the app is very useful for book readers like me.

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