Letters Alive in Texas

Herman Lawson Elementary School in McKinney ISD spent the day showing off how kids are learning these days. Many of you may have heard of the term Augmented Reality. Well, that’s exactly what the kids are experiencing. Letters Alive is a letter learning program that uses flashcards with document style camera called a 3cam. When the flashcards are placed under the camera, they truly come alive. As you can see in the picture below, the letter “g” becomes a giraffe when held under the camera. While this small act seems really neat and excites the kids to learn, it becomes truly meaningful when the letters go into card sentences. Simple sentences with cards can be created such as, “The giraffe can swim”. If the animal doesn’t agree he will shake his head no. You can also hold a video card over the sentence and a live video of a giraffe in the wild will show up. The students can suddenly see the animal in its own environment. This is especially helpful to those children with very little references to build upon in their life. Holly Hammonds, the LMS at Lawson shows us how this technology is utilized effectively and how the kids learn with it.

Lawson was the first elementary school in the state of Texas to try out this software and really make it work for her students. The implementation of this was exciting for everyone involved, so much so that it sparked the attention of Good Morning Texas, CBS’s Morning show and ABC Dallas news. With so many exciting things in the works, Logical Choice and Letters Alive promise to be a company to watch!


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  1. impressora brother said:

    The world thanks when technology is used as direct assistance to education. Excellent text.

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