Build a Teacher Homepage in 15 Minutes! (Part 2)

We’ll now pick up where with left off with “Build a Teacher Homepage in 15 Minutes”.

If you read Part 1, you’re already familiar with the Weebly interface. If not, give it a read to get familiar.  I’m going to show you a few more things to enhance your page, like how to add links, and additional pages.

Highlight the text you wish to link, and click the link button, indicated by the red arrow.



You’ll then see this box, where you’ll type in the web address for your link:


This gives us a link to the DE student login page.


Now what if you you want to create a second page for your website? All you have to do is click the Pages tab at the top of the Weebly editor, click the Add Page button, and choose a name for your new page:



After that, click “Save Settings”.  I called my page “Books”. Notice it added a new link to our navigation menu:



Now we’ll choose the “Paragraph with Title” element, drag it down, then type the title and center it like we did before.  In our text area, we’ll use the formatting menu to create a bulleted list:


As you can see, building a webpage doesn’t have to be difficult! Give it a try, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be designing pages like a pro!




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