You’re probably a Star and don’t even know it

Are you a Canadian? Does your school or district subscribe to Discovery Education? Then the fact that you’re reading this let’s me know that you’re likely a Star. Let me explain.

Discovery Education is committed to helping teachers connect with one another. The way we do this is through the DEN or Discovery Educator Network. Every teacher using Discovery is automatically part of the DEN. But we like to kick it up a notch but offering to make you a DEN Star. The Stars are really leaders, movers and shakers and all around awesome people who realize that using technology in their classrooms can truly make learning better. The community, which offers all sorts of supports, sustains and enhances their work.

I recently sent out an invitation to our existing Canadian Stars, of which there are about 60, to brainstorm and discuss how the DEN can be better and more meaningful to them and other teachers, particularly here in Canada. If you didn’t get that invitation but think, yes, I’d like to be a part of this, drop me a line. We need you.


Fun fact: You can’t spell DEN without DEAN. Or something like that.