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Slave Power In honor of Black History month I always read an historical fiction diary written from the viewpoint of a slave child in 1857.  It is a very powerful book that emphasizes the importance of getting an education and the power it gives to an individual.  This power was the major reason why it was against the law to teach slaves to read or write during that period of our history in the slave states.  Using DE images and video segments I am able to make this period of our history come alive, giving students a deeper understanding of the issue of slavery.  My students become totally immersed in the topic.

Using Discovery Education’s resources throughout my day has become so second nature to me that I almost take the value it adds to lessons for granted.  In everything that I teach, the first place I search for resources to add meaning and understanding is  I use it for real world connections to math concepts, building background for literature, making history come alive, and creating deeper meaning for science topics.  With DE I can take my students on virtual fieldtrips to anywhere on our planet or even the Universe.  Through games, songs, virtual labs, videos, images, and more, my students have an interactive and media rich environment that engages them and deepens their understanding.  DE provides the capability to make learning 24/7 through the Discovery Student Center and Builder Tools.  My students LOVE their portal to Discovery Education! It would be difficult, if not impossible, to do all of this without Discovery Education and its products and services.

As my class explores slavery in 1857, they develop an appreciation for the value of their learning.  Using the Discovery Education resources adds to the value of my students’ learning experiences every day.  Thank you for giving my students the power of a media rich and meaningful education.

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Photo Citation

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