SC Shining Star

Wondering who’s getting their airfare covered by the DEN? Yes, it’s one of our own!

Introducting SC DEN LC’s Social Media Coordinator and winner of a coveted seat at the DEN SI 2012~~

Karen Ogen is the Technology Integration Specialist for the Richland 5 School District in Lexington, SC. She has been teaching technology integration for 15 years. Ogen began her teaching career in New Jersey; moving to South Carolina two years ago.

Ogen began using DE products while providing training to teachers and saw the STAR program as a good way to meet other educators and to stay up-to-date on DE products. “The DEN has provided professional development, networking opportunties, fun events, and great support for teachers.”

Ogen can’t list her favorite website as she has too many. You can find many of her favorites at her blog: karenogen.

We are looking forward to Karen Ogen’s future blogs. Her DEN prize is in the (snail) mail. Thank you Karen for sharing!

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