Congrats to Shelley Wright

I’m pleased to announce that Shelley Wright is the winner of the 21st Century Digital Classroom Challenge sponsored in part by Discovery Education. I can speak first hand to Shelley’s awesomeness having witnessed and participated in her journey into a tech infused classroom over the past 18 months. Her blog is one of the best reads of a classroom teacher trying and struggling at times to make a difference for her students. Shelley has done that and more. This is a video I created of Shelley last year.

Shelley is also my replacement at Prairie South School Division. She will impact teachers and students I have no doubt. Give it up for Shelley Wright.



  1. Aviva (@grade1) said:

    What a great video and an awesome look inside a wonderful teacher’s classroom! Shelley’s comment at the end of the video really hit home for me: as a Grade 1/2 teacher, I’m trying to teach my students these skills now, so that when they do get into a high school environment like Shelley’s, it’s natural for them to collaborate with others and give feedback to peers. I hope that high school teachers see the long-term gains of teaching this way beginning in the early years. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Thanks for reminding me of how primary and secondary schools do interconnect, and the importance of realizing this connection as well!


  2. Shelley Wright said:

    Thanks, Dean! As always, I appreciate your incredible support. If it wasn’t for people like you, who have encouraged me to take risks with my teaching and learning, I wouldn’t be where I am 🙂

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