Yesterday in my post about  Super Bowl math, I mentioned Livebinders as a resource I use quite a bit. If you haven’t seen Livebinders before, check out their website at This is an online source that works like a virtual 3-ring binder. You can organize websites, text, documents, etc. using tabs and subheadings in an easy-to-use and easy-to-share format. Creating your first Livebinder is pretty self-explanatory once you sign up. By the way, i’s totally free! Here are some of the Livebinders I’ve made and use with trainings and my students.

Another great feature of Livebinders is that you can steal other people’s great work and edit it yourself. When you search through Livebinders or find a Livebinder resource, you can add it to your own shelf for easy reference. When you add someone else’s Livebinder to your own shelf, it saves it as “Copy of…” so that you can keep track.  Here’s a great Livebinder that I stole!
Have fun exploring Livebinders. Be sure you have lots of time to spend. Once you get started, time flies!