Iron DEN Challenge — LIVE and In Person

Streaming blog time as I blog live from the Iron DEN Challenge at TCEA.

The Challenge: create a resource to introduce students to the water cycle

The Rules: 30 minutes to make it, then will share and vote on best

The secret ingredient: Camel’s Head image

The Results:

All -4-One : used blabberize  and  Discovery song: teacher and the RockBots

Spitting Camels: used Discovery Images, Discovery Science for script and PuppetPals (included uploaded pictures of team)

Rainey:  used Discovery items to put into a Glogster with Blabberize element

L is for Love:  used a storying app with Discovery images with Teacher and the Rockbots song

AND THE WINNERS:  Spitting Camels!!!

The Spitting Camels





  1. Susan Bowdoin said:

    What a fabulous way to incorporate Discovery, other tools and creativity! How in the world did you decide to include a camel?!? Love it!

    • Betsy said:

      That was the “secret ingredient”, ala Iron Chef. It was chosen by the DEN company folks.

  2. Patsy Lewis said:

    More fun than expected. Our group shared great ideas and we learned from each other.

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    Cool picture!!!! Wished I had a cool hat!!! Ready for the next challenge!!!

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