Live from TCEA–Tory Belleci

Embark  Engage  Energize  Empower  Educate

That is the theme for this years Texas Computer Education Association conference.

The keynote speaker for Wednesday was none other than Mythbusters  co-host Tory Belleci!  Some notes from his talk:

He is dyslexic and was not a good student.  So, yes teachers, don’t give up on those different and difficult students.  They can achieve also!  He graduated from HS, went to college and is not on TV.

He preferred to learn by doing rather than listening or reading. He also liked teachers who showed an enthusiasm and excitement for their subject.

He says Mythbusters didn’t set out to be a science show; it is entertainment that also teaches science and particularly the scientific method.

As teachers, he says, we have the ability to encourage or discourage our students.  Be the one who encourages and supports the student, even the seemly unlikely ones!

Dyslexics — getting information through sight,sound and doing helps; repetition;used videos to help learn and analyze a play