The second podcast

Catchy title, isn’t it.

I got Steve and Patricia in Texas while I was ready to board in Regina. We chatted about the DEN, the Summer Institute, a contest and other stuff. Steve will be giving away another prize package so listen and leave a comment as per instructions in the podcast. That’s a little sneaky way to get you to listen. Evil, but effective.

Also, since they kept making boarding announcements during our chat, I tried muting the mic which inadvertently mutes the recording. I clipped that part out so if Steve sounds a little disjointed and fragmented in his thinking, blame me.



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  1. Donna Criswell said:

    The interruptions cracked me up… EDU Glogster came in to one of our classrooms to do a promo video and commercial. They were interviewing me when, of course, the front office interrupted with message over the intercom.. Glogster kept it in (I rolled my eyes!) .. it was perfect and so fitting with what classroom teachers deal with every day.

    As a DEN STAR since 2006 (and Leadership Chair) in my state, I have found the SUMMER institutes to be nothing short of phenomenal. I always come away with great ideas, but more importantly, meet so many amazing and FUN educators from across the country.. I learned about paper slide videos from Lodge just a couple of summers ago.. Many of my teachers are incorporating that as we speak. I learned about backchanneling at another event and now I have teachers using DEStreaming videos and backchanneling to deepen kids’ understanding of content.. on a variety of levels. Truly amazing stuff..

    Keep up the great work!! I am honored to be a part of this community..

  2. Peg Hartwig said:

    I love the new twist on these podcasts! Great information while showing the true spirit and DENthusiasm for all things Discovery! Dean risking missing his flight to continue the DEN conversation underscores the passion. I think it’s great to Podcast the invite to DEN Stars, genuine invitation to apply for the Summer Institute in Bozman! I too found the interruptions by the flight announcements quite funny! I needed a good laugh as I drank my coffee this morning. Cant wait to see wheree the third podcast will take place and what great sound effects will be interjected! –

  3. Karen Ogen said:

    I am enjoying the podcasts. They convey the easy-going, fun nature of the DEN while at the same time providing relevant information about DE resources and events. Thanks for the great DEN opportunities- I am working on a submission for Dr. Lodge’s video challenge and I am encouraging all of my DEN STAR friends to apply for the summer institute!

  4. Paula said:

    Sorry I missed the The First Podcast … I like the titles; they let me know where I am on the DEN Blog timeline! I am just catching up and am so glad I saw the info about the summer institute. I’ve only been to one but had an incredible experience. It really got me fired up for the school year. We were exposed to so many great tools and strategies that I included in professional development. A team of our elementary teachers used the paper slide video technique as the basis for their after-school MCAS review classes for fifth graders. The students loved it.

    Being a DEN STAR has been professionally and personally rewarding in so many ways. Thank you for helping a non-digital native and “seasoned” teacher be a lifelong learner who is having a blast!

  5. Patricia said:

    Thanks for letting me participate in the SECOND podcast. I’m really looking forward to the SUMMER institute in Montana! 🙂

  6. Charlene said:

    I look forward to future episodes of the Steve and Dean show!! I agree with Donna, I attended my first institute in the summer of 2006 in Chicago, and it was a great learning experience, along with the opportunity to meet up with my fellow DEN members. It’s amazing how big the DEN has become!!

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