Join us on March 3rd for Hands-On Digital: Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World

Join us on March 3rd at NCSU in Raleigh for Hands-On Digital: Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World This FREE day of professional development will feature Dr. Lodge McCammon and Lance Rougeux.  By investing a few hours you will be richly rewarded with new ways to engage your students and effectively integrate digital media into your science classroom. Get new insights into “flipping” the classroom. Discover innovative techniques for students to present information. Learn how digital media can enhance instruction, improve literacy and increase test scores from some of the top experts in the field. We will also be giving away special prizes!

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Sessions Include:

Don’t Look at the Duck: Engaging Students in Science with Lance Rougeux

What’s the one thing our classrooms have in common today? They are all very different. Students with many different learning styles. Different interests. Different backgrounds. And, different gadgets. How do we address the needs of today’s learners? This session will draw upon real-life examples (including a legendary school duck) as we explore ways that we can use media and other technologies to get students interested in the content and engaged in meaningful learning experiences.

Flipping the Classroom with Dr. Lodge McCammon

Ask any adult to name their favorite teacher and receive the profile of a person who inspired learning and became a legend in the mind of their students. But how can we teach someone to be engaging?
Well, we need to give them the ideas and tools that allow engagement to occur by creating super- transparent classrooms that highlight exciting and authentic teacher and student work. There’s a new way of teaching that is taking all the 21st century elements that people talk about, and is putting them into action. Video recording, Web 2.0, online publishing and interactive curriculum are the wave of the future—and the method of teaching that will bring our teachers, students and classrooms there is called FIZZ.

“Sounds” Like a 21st Century Lesson with Patti Duncan

Grab your backpack and join us in the Discovery Education Techbook Traveling Classroom for a lesson on sound, vibration and pitch. Experience a typical student centered lesson infused with media and hands-on activities that is sure to increase engagement and understanding.

What’s the GIST? Bridging Literacy and Science with Brad Fountain

Promoting literacy in the classroom is no longer JUST part of the reading lesson. The importance of developing the literate learner falls on all educators and is taught during all lessons. By using digital media in conjunction with traditional reading strategies, we can address the science and literacy standards, differentiate for students, and address the Shifts in Common Core. This session will provide concrete literacy examples that can be scaffolded to meet the needs of students across any grade level and readily integrated into your science lesson on Monday morning.

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