Credibility! Effective informal or formal leaders are credible. You earn credibility or you don’t!

The leadership authors and researchers, Kouzes and Posner wanted to learn about the behavioral dimensions admired leaders earned.  Kouzes and Posner asked people to give them specific examples of what the leaders they admired the most did to gain their respect, trust, and a willingness to be influenced.   How did they behave that help them build their credibility?



















“Several common actions emerged.  The following is a list of some of the most frequently mentioned behaviors.  The leader:

o     Supported me

o     Had the courage to do the right thing

o     Challenged me

o     Developed and acted as a mentor to others

o     Listened

o     Celebrated good work

o     Followed through on commitments

o     Trusted me

o     Empowered others

o     Made time for people

o     Shared the vision

o     Opened doors

o     Overcame personal hardships

o     Admitted mistakes

o     Advised others

o     Solved problems

o     Taught well”

Page 50 of Credibility by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner in my 2003 edition, Jossey Bass.  there is now a 2011 edition.

Leaders must be able to develop and maintain relationships if they are going to accomplish anything.  Collaborations, coalitions, partnerships and/or teams are needed to successfully meet the challenges of 2012 and beyond.  And relationships don’t just happen.  Relationships do happen for people that behave in the ways listed above.   They are credible people.

Credible relationships have a lot to do with getting work done.  If you want to accomplish something related to technology or any thing else invest in your ability to be a credible leader.



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