Upcoming Discovery Education Webinars!

We just wanted to let you all in on a few upcoming webinars in order to bring you up to speed on what’s on the horizon for Discovery Education!


Bridging Literacy and Science

February 14th, 4:00 PM

Reading and writing in the content areas is a large part of increasing student understanding. This Webinar session focuses on resources, such as the reading passages and eBooks to increase science knowledge. Using proven instructional strategies along with an interactive science journal, educators will understand how the Discovery Educations Science Techbook helps students to analyze and write about their understanding of the science concepts. Teachers will also learn how to effectively use the writing prompt builder and interactive glossary to expand their knowledge of science concepts and assess understanding.


ELL Strategies and the DE Science Techbook

February 15th, 4:00 PM

Literacy is a primary focus of the DE Science Techbook – from 21st century literacy skills to “traditional” reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to being scientifically literate. The Techbook incorporates a variety of resources for students to learn the science concepts along with strengthening their understanding of the English language. Leveraging the power and flexibility of digital resources, we’ll look at a variety of instructional strategies to develop ELL students’ holistic literacy skills.


Engaging Students with Discovery Education

February 15th, 7:00 PM

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students with Discovery Education? Why not put the power of learning at their fingertips through our redesigned Student Center. With unique logins, students can browse grade-specific content and access personalized assignments. In this webinar, we will demonstrate new ways to deliver resources to motivate students, engage higher order thinking, and achieve curriculum learning goals with the support of the Discovery Education Classroom Manager and Assignment Manager.


Be sure to check out the rest of our scheduled webinars on your Discovery Education home page under “Upcoming Webinars” OR under the Professional Development link!


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