Oldie but Goodie– Screen Saver Fixation Revealed….Make a Picasa Photo Collage!

I am a bit obsessed with screen savers and desktop images.  I love to ponder about what a desktop image or screen saver says about the owner of the device.  We used to think that what a person drives says a lot about them– to me, it’s all about what’s on their virtual desktop.

In my media center, I loop photos of my students holding the first book they check out each year as my screen savers.  The kids (and adults) never tire of seeing each other and never tire of discussing the books that loop onscreen.

My PTO recently wanted to know what library books they funded with our annual book fair proceeds.  I took a digital photo of each book cover, and popped them into a Picasa photo collage.  Viola!  An image that can be shared or used as a desktop image in the media center.  Teachers could make collages for each student at the end of the year as a gift, or use the collages for instruction, such as collages of writing prompts from Discovery Education images as placemats on student desks.

Try this oldie but goodie! Open Picasa (a free download), put your pictures into a single folder or on your desktop in a folder, upload the folder into Picasa.  Choose the pictures you’d like in your collage, and click “make collage”.  You can shuffle the pictures and shuffle the layout.  Add plain borders or pseudo-instant-camera borders.  Very nice and very easy!