APP ATTACK! 60 Apps in 60 Minutes with Brandon Lutz & Scott Snyder

Supermen Scott Snyder & Brandon Lutz: 60 Apps in 60 Minutes

Are you ready for the fastest 60 minutes on the planet? Is there a faster conference session anywhere? Yes, if you count Brandon Lutz‘s legendary 60 in 60 crowd pleaser, possibly the most popular session at PETE&C any year. Lutz and his co-presenter Scott Snyder, both DEN STARS, have achieved legend status, famous for a full house, so much so these presentations were moved to a larger venue at Hotel Hershey. And they still pack them in. A special thank you, Brandon, for sending the Prezi code in advance, a blogger’s heaven. Here’s the Prezi. You can find additional App Attack resources here.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes: Making the Impossible Possible

Making the impossible possible, Brandon and Scott began their presentation with emails: and They welcome comments and feedback from virtual (part of the Virtual PETE&C Conference) and live audiences. Scott welcomed the virtual audience since this session is streamed, archived, and an available reference in the future. Brandon began with a Sock Puppets introduction. A fast-paced session, the only slow part was the intro from PETE&C Red Shirt Ambassadors.

This session has Android and Apple apps and where applicable will be listed and linked as Apple and Android. Unless otherwise noted, apps are free.

  1. Posterous‘s mobile app lets you blog on the go and follow people as well; Apple; Android.
  2. Scott & Brandon working the App Attack audience

    Cardio Trainer tracks on a GPS the distance you travel, the carbs you burn, and your overall progress. Android.

  3. Pearltrees lets you add your links as a pearl or a folder in a visual environment. Apple.
  4. Cloud On lets you open a spreadsheet or a document easily, enabling editing and saving to a dropbox. Apple.
  5. Qik is a streaming tool; stream your classes with a private link and parents have a window into your teaching environment. Qik also archives. Apple, Android.
  6. Grocery Gadget lets you maintain shopping lists jointly. A great app for LifeSmarts classes to teach students organizational and budgeting skills. Apple, Android. Free to $3.99.
  7. Brandon before the crushing pace begins...

    Instapaper lets you save web links and gives you the opening paragraph without ads and distractions. Sync your device and you can read offline. Apple. $4.99.

  8. Byline lets you connect to your RSS feeds, syncs and caches your readers, and provides articles by groups. Apple. Free / $2.99.
  9. DropBox syncs all your devices and aggregates them in one place. Apple, Android.
  10. Box is a web storage spot with teaching relevance as a digital locker. Great storage platform that enables editing, footnotes and the like. Apple, Android.
  11. Sound Hound identifies music you tap and play. Apple, Android.
  12. Falling Stars plays music with visual animations. You can create copyright free music with this app. Apple.
  13. Waiting for the last systems check

    Mobile QR Scanners-Droid or iPad-let you scan virtual information codes into your device. Apple: QR Scanner, QR Droid.

  14. InAWorld Drama and Comedy lets you create fast video trailers. Apple. $1.99.
  15. Puffin plays flash on Apple devices. LOVE IT! Apple, Android. $0.99.
  16. 360 Web Browser allows integration with your Dropbox and Firefox sync; incorporates bookmarks and history into your browser. Apple. Free / $0.99.
  17. Diigo Browser brings annotating pages into your browser by tab browsing. Very memory friendly. Apple, Android.
  18. Firefox Home (love this one) maintains your desktop history and bookmarks. Apple, Android.
  19. Opera Mini compresses pages quickly before sending to your device; if a school’s system is slow, this app pushes the website through quickly. Apple, Android.
  20. See and be seen--best business card in the room?

    1Password tracks all your passwords and syncs across multiple platforms. It’s not free but worth the cost to sync everything at the same time. Gives you a password connected file and is password protected. Pricey but love the layers of protection. Apple, Android. $9.99 / $14.99.

  21. Sock Puppets lets you create a 30-second lip synced video. This is the tool Scott and Brandon used for their introductions. Very cool and very fast way to tell a story. A pay version gives you more than 30 seconds. Apple.
  22. Puppet Pals creates unique animations for digital storytelling. Apple. Free / 2.99.
  23. Strip Design creates mobile comic strips. Apple. $0.99.
  24. Toontastic is Puppet Pals on steroids; you create puppet videos and aggregate them into a digital story. Very flexible with nice editing features. Apple.
  25. Can you feel Scott's excitement?

    AudioBoo records and shares your voice with the world and posts to the web or emails to friends. Can DropBox as well. Apple.

  26. Animoto is content creation at its best; what you knew on the web comes to your mobile device. Free version gives you 30 seconds; the pro is worth the small fee and if you have pro on your computer, it follows you to the mobile app. Must add that this is my favorite app because I have been an Animoto user in and out of the classroom for years, and if you haven’t used Animoto yet, what are you waiting for. Apple.
  27. Study Blue is a flashcards app. Apple, Android.
  28. Assist uses bubble sheets that are downloadable for classroom sets. Scott suggests laminating and using them with a scantron for instant grading and accuracy. You can wipe the laminate clean and reuse. Good assessment tool for indexing what students have learned or for an exit ticket. Apple.
  29. Board Cam Lite turns your iPad into an enhanced document camera; works with very small images and expands them. Similar to Hall Davidson’s DENPreCon presentation when he demonstrated how you can attach a magnifier to your iPad. This app is grommet free. Apple.
  30. ShowMe is Scott’s favorite app, dating back to when it appeared in beta version. A great app for a flipped classroom. Makes short videos similar to Lee LeFever‘s Explanations in Plain English Common Craft videos. That would be reason enough for me to download this app. Apple.
  31. ScreenChomp is similar to ShowMe; you need to try this app to experience its ease of use. Basically, ScreenChomp is similar to Camtasia or Jing, a tiny app but big on power. Lets you screencast and the nice thing about this app–the developers continue to develop, adding scrolling and other features that feedback indicates are user needs. Take a look at this one; it’s a mighty little app that saves to the Chomp library, AND it has a whiteboard app you can download as well. Beginning to see why I really embrace this app…
  32.  iReview is a flashcard app similar to Quizlet. Apple.
  33. Algebra Touch teaches the basics of algebra but allows students to interact. Our presenters say it’s worth the cost. Apple. $2.99.
  34. The Akinator Approach

    Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. It’s a different way of thinking about people, real or not. Don’t let the look/feel of this app fool you into thinking it’s a primary/middle school app. Our audience of adults were charmed by this app. Useful at any grade level and works great for a review session; it’s also a much better way to do a KWL analysis. Love this app but Apple only. Worth the cost. Apple. $1.99.

  35. Producteev lets you collect your tasks and share them with one other person. It is a task management and a to do list tool. Apple, Android.
  36. Elements is a basic text editor that saves files to and integrates with DropBox. You can sync and go paperless with this app. Not your priciest app but up there, but for the affordances, I think this will be the first app I download after I post. Apple. $4.99.
  37. Office2 & Office2 HD allows more creation and editing. Coordinates with Google Docs, and for that feature alone, worth the investment. Apple. $5.99 / $7.99.
  38. GoodReader reads or looks at almost anything. Now you can annotate text files or magazines and integrates with iCloud. Good if you want to read by yourself. Of all the reader apps, this one is my favorite. Apple. $4.99.
  39. iAnnotate PDF lets you highlight, annotate, edit with 3 saving options: normal, layered, or flattened, all of which enable either sharing or levels of privacy. Apple. $9.99.
  40. CatchNotes captures ideas and experiences and shares them: voice notes, text fragments, longer messages, images and locations are caught, organized and saved for when you’re ready to access them. Apple, Android.
  41. On point and on time–amazing!

    Evernote is great for taking notes. Take a photo of your notes and insert them into Evernote; this app eliminates notetaking. You can create folders, attach PDFs and documents, checklists, and you can share them out. Apple, Android.

  42. Skitch Mobile lets you annotate images. Just like the computer version, but for a mobile app and easy to use. Send your Skitch to Evernote. Easy integration between these two apps. I’ve been using Skitch for a long time and liked learning there was a mobile app. Apple, Android.
  43. Side By Side splits a screen horizontally and vertically, but can also split the view into 4 quads. Great for multitasking. Apple.
  44. ScratchWork lets you create notes with an original document on the left. Apple.
  45. AppShopper assembles your apps and wish list favorites, sales, and top apps; emails you when a wish list app goes on sale. Apple.
  46. Our DEN STARS Brandon AND Scott

    Class Dojo is a web app; go to a url and access it to create a home page on your device. You can upload class lists and award behaviors with icons or emoticons. Brandon and Scott caution against displaying negative emoticons for student behavior. Web Link.

  47. Infinote creates work spaces and pins notes to a board; similar to Wall Wisher with much expandable space. Apple. $2.99.
  48. Teacher’s Pick randomly calls on students in your class; very cool app because it lets you track responses with icons. Apple. $0.99.
  49. Attendance tracks tardies and movement in/out of classroom. You can customize attendance codes and can group students. Apple. $4.99.
  50. TapForms is a database app to track content using pre-made forms or fields that are list based. A good app for professional use (think instructional coaching). Apple. Free / $6.99 / $8.99.
  51. Splash Top Remote allows you to sync your iPad with your computer screen; costs $4.99 but gives you freedom of movement in your classroom. This app streams video and audio files and allows you to interact with PowerPoints. Apple, Android. $4.99.
  52. Mobile Mouse Lite lets you manipulate your computer or laptop with a digital mouse; works on iPhone. Apple.
  53. Prezi Viewer lets you view Prezis on you iPad by downloading them to your iPad. Now you can edit as well in this app. Apple.
  54. Pumped, Pleased, and Perfect! 60 in (under) 60!

    PhotoSynth gives you a panoramic view of a snapshot. Apple.

  55. PS Express lets you edit photos, add borders and text. Quick and easy photo editor for mobile devices or iPad, with sharing out features. Apple, Android.
  56. TourWrist gives you 360-degree panoramic views of tour sites. You can add your own as well. A great virtual field trip. Apple.
  57. Time-Lapse allows you to take a look at a process that takes a long time to complete. You can set the time for photo settings. Apple.
  58. Time-Lapse-Lite is the version for Android. Android.
  59. Fast Burst Camera takes rapid shots of an image. Android.
  60. Burst Mode is the iPhone version of 59. Apple. $1.99.

This session ended at 58 seconds and counting and it was fantastic. If you missed it, you can find it at the PETE&C Virtual Session archives soon.

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  1. Brandon Lutz said:

    RJ thanks for the wonderful blog on 60in60: App Attack! Absolutely wonderful, I really appreciate the good press and I am honored that you speak so highly of the presentation! Many thanks to Scott for his friendship and collaboration in putting together such a great presentation!

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  3. Scott Snyder said:

    Thanks for the post and play-by-play of our session RJ! We weren’t positive it was going to click so well until we were all done. I have to thank Brandon for allowing me to join his domain and come present with him in this unique way.

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