MashUp: ToonDoo and Discovery Education

Are you looking for a fun way to integrate technology with a research project?   Try using with resources to create factual comic strips!

Start by using with your students so they can learn about their topics.  Discovery has a variety of content for your students to explore (videos, articles, handouts, interactives, audio, songs, etc.). Then have students use to search for images that they can use in their ToonDoo project.  (As students download and save the images, make sure they copy the image citations for use later in the project.)

Next, start creating a comic (toon) in  Import your images from Discovery into ToonDoo by using the ImaginR button on the bottom right.  Once the images are uploaded, students will be able to use the images in their comic frames along with any ToonDoo images and word balloons.

Some ToonDoo tips:
If the student needs more frames, have them create a second ToonDoo comic.
If the students all log into the same ToonDoo account, teachers can go to the My Toons section and use the Book Maker tool to create an embeddable player that will display all of the class’ comics in an interactive format on the teacher’s classroom website or blog.


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