Michigan, are you ready?!

Cheryl Lykowski is ready. Gina Loveless is ready. Scores of other passionate, technology-using educators are signed up and ready.The Discovery team is ready. I just landed in Kalamazoo, MI today so I am definitely ready!

So, I hope you are ready and as excited as I am about the Day of Discovery happening this Saturday, February 18th! Attendees will experience a full day of learning, sharing, and FUN… DEN style! If you haven’t already signed up to be there, do so now at http://dodkzoo.eventbrite.com.

Kalamazoo RESA
1819 E Milham
Portage, MI 49002


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  1. Laurie Post said:

    as a 1st grade teacher in an at risk school (90% of families) at or below poverty level will this be a useful tool?

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