Shifting to Digital Techbooks

Had an article from The Town Talk passed on to me that features some of the work we’re doing with Rapides Parish.  With all the talk about digital textbooks lately, thought some of you might be interested in reading it!  Here’s just a snippet for you:

Carol Passmore, a grants supervisor with The Rapides Foundation in Alexandria, worked with the parish school district to purchase a “techbook” from Discovery Education for 22 science classes for grades 3-8 in 12 elementary schools.

The district purchased a license for each student in these classes for about $38, Passmore said. Each license will allow access to the online textbook for seven years — during which time there are constant updates made to the material.

“They are more economical than a textbook, they are updated daily, they can be used anywhere the Internet can be accessed,” Passmore said. “When you buy a textbook, it’s usually outdated before it’s in your hands, and there is no update for seven years.”

If you come across any other articles related to our Science Techbook or digital textbooks in general, send them our way!  It’s a topic we never get tired of exploring.


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