SC Teachers: Free Environmental Education Opportunity Through the SC Dept of Forestry


Spend seven days touring and learning about and the forests of South Carolina, examining sustainable forestry practices and the forest industry. This outdoor environmental education course is designed to provide an unbiased look into the impact forests have on our state’s environment, economy, and quality of life. Key topics include forest management; emphasizing sustainable forestry, ecosystem management and bio-diversity; wildlife conservation, including endangered species protection; forest product production, including harvesting and processing into products, and the contributions of the forest industry on S.C.’s economy. Classes include tours of private and public forestlands, lumber, paper and other wood product mills, along with cultural events highlighting the history of South Carolina’s land use. Participants will receive resource materials to use in their classrooms along with environmental education training. Course also includes 3 days of training in Environmental Education, teaching how to use the environment and forests to teach the Curriculum Standards in science, social studies, language arts and math. (3-hour, non-degree graduate credit available for fee. You may also be able to get 45 CRE credits under Category 6 from your district.)


The 3-day Advanced EE workshop is Wednesday, June 18th through 21st at Harbison State Forest in Columbia.  The 4-day Tour is Monday, June 25th through Thursday, 28th, 2012 in Columbia, exploring the Midlands region of Richland, Newberry, Kershaw and surrounding counties.

Interested educators must complete an application and submit it by the deadline of April 15, 2012.



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