STARs: Tip-Toe Through the DE Techbook

Discovery Education is giving STARS exclusive access to the New Techbook! Not only can you surf the Techbook to discover all the great resources and tools for you and your students, but Discovery Education Team will give you a complete tour, showing features that you otherwise would maybe overlook if  browsing the Techbook on your own.

I participated in Mike Bryant’s STARS touring Techbook webinar on Tuesday night and found the subtle features of the Techbook enlightening.   The Techbook is full of Animations which help students understand more abstract concepts and theories.  I am a hard core “hands on experience” educator and I was very impressed with the opportunities the Techbook Labs offer;  the virtual labs are very impressive and engaging.  These virtual labs allow students to make errors in their problem solving, resulting in unexpected outcomes, yet allow  students to experience the lab multiple times, making better choices, encouraging experimentation and problem solving without the extra time constraints and possible messes of  real lab experiments.

The Techbook goes beyond engaging students with the high tech media and web tools! I was impressed by its flexibility, allowing educators to infuse the techbook with their previous resources, or fully supporting educators, providing detailed lesson plans embedding Exploration, Experimentation, Explanation and Evaluation options relative to individual state standards. Teachers are provided lesson design ideas  including access to a document explaining  students’ common misconseptions or misunderstandings.
How do I get my STAR ACCESS to the TechBook?

Log in to Discovery Education.  under your STAR Status login

Go to the DEN  Tab

Click on the red invitation up by your picture / blog access / record event.

Find your state in the list of access codes that appear in the main window.  If your state does not yet have a techbook, you can choose a state where you think the standards would be simmilar. Copy the Access Code.

LOG OUT of discovery.

Upon returning to the fresh login page, enter the Techbook access code  under the tab passcode/ New user.  When finishing your sign up for the techbook, enter a Different Email than what your STAR status  is under.  Use this email when you register yourself for the techbook.

Any time you want to access the Techbook, you need to log in as this new user, using your newly created username and password.  Your STAR account is still active, but you have access through a second account to the Techbook for the remainder of the school year as well.

Enjoy this great opportunity to see how Discovery goes beyond other digital texts!

THEN Sign up for a STAR TechBook Introduction!  You will find  a list of the webinars posted on “My DE.”  There is another STAR Techbook Webinar on February 23rd!  Sign up for  the Techbook webinar under your STAR status email!

Not yet a STAR?  If you enjoy using Discovery Education and collaborate with at least 3  colleagues on how you use the Discovery resources, you too can be a STAR! Become a STAR and enjoy so much more of what Discovery has to offer! You too can have access to tech book and apply to the DEN Summer Institute in MT!




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