TCEA 2012 in Austin, Texas

I had the excellent opportunity to attend the 2012 Texas Computer Education Association in Austin, Texas two weeks ago to see the latest technology being pushed into the education world. As mentioned in my blog post last week, I was amazed at the different kinds of new tech hardware and software available to classrooms that can help lessons come to life and allow for greater interaction between the students and the material that they are learning.

Now couple all this great technology with some tasty noms (slang for ‘food’) and you have the makings of the most potent combination for this 23 year old kid since his brush with Bruce Springsteen. And yeah, in both cases I was crying happy tears.



But that’s neither here nor there. Discovery Education offered various different sessions all day for educators in the Hilton across from the Convention Center. These sessions introduced teachers and administrators alike to the Science Techbook as well as ways to better integrate Discovery Education’s resources in the classroom, whether its through tablet computing or your regular, run-of-the-mill bulky computer.

We were frequently greeted by teachers that absolutely love Discovery Education and were more than happy to offer incredibly kind words of encouragement for what we were doing. It’s great meeting the customers face to face so that they can know for sure that the support that they’ll receive comes from a live human being. That and also wearing a sign that says “I am not a robot” works wonders in clearing up any embarrassing confusion.

In all seriousness, I came away with a greater appreciation for all the schools that utilize our service and, on behalf of Discovery Education, I just wanted to thank you for the support and the kind words that you threw our way during our stay in Austin.


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  1. Kass Bates said:

    It’s a mutual love affair! Discovery always leaves me energized and ready to go back to my campus to share new ideas or that one resource I forgot about and can use in a new way. Thanks for this forum at TCEA. Since I was staying at the Hilton it couldn’t have been easier!

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