To Teach or Not to Teach

Today I realized that we as educators need to be starting much earlier talking to and requiring students to respect digital content creation. It has become too easy to copy and paste without teaching students that plagiarism exists with digital content too. Images, music, words – all of this content needs to be cited. But it goes beyond citing, it comes down to searching for digital content that the author has given permission to be used by others.

Here is a slideshare by Glenn Wiebe that explains copyright vs fair use.

One place to start when using images with students is Discovery Education because the images if cited can be used in student projects. In an upcoming post, I will share how I do searches with my students using Google.



  1. What is education said:

    Efficient education and teachers are who teach pupils to learn skill to survive. Basic education is interaction and learning productive skills so can implement in practical life.

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