Dave Salmoni Rocked the VIP Reception

TCEA attendees got to attend a VIP reception to meet and mingle with Discovery’s  Animal Planet host, Dave Salmoni. Dave Salmoni is going to host a live virtual field trip in March and bring the world of animals and the African savannah into the classrooms around the globe. Students will get to interact virtually with Dave and his crew virtually in March and learn about animal wildlife and the VIP reception was a great opportunity for us to meet Dave and ask questions about the upcoming event.

Dave went table to table and talked with the guests as the reception. When he came around to our table he shared that if he was having a bad he could, “…call up some friends and talk a lion for walk.” We thought that was rather cool and even cooler friends to have to be able to call them up to take a lion a for a walk. He also shared that his little nephew called him day and asked him what he had to do to get him to come to his school to bring some animals to show to his class. He indicated he felt a bit guilty and said that he didn’t have to do anything and that he would visit his school any time he could get back to Toronto that he could for his little nephew.


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