Iron DEN Challenge at TCEA in Austin

The Texas DEN Leadership Council participated in an Iron DEN Challenge at TCEA in Austin, Texas during the week of the convention. The ‘Special Ingredient’ was an picture of a spitting camel that all teams had to incorporate into their unique team’s digital artifacts. Many teams used audio, the Blabberize site, or some other type of animation to craft interesting and creative digital artifacts.

The ‘Special Ingredient’ was not revealed to the teams until the challenge took place and teams had only 30 minutes to design and create their digital artifacts to try to outdo the other teams. In the end, the team self named ‘Spitting Camels’ won the challenge with their digital artifact  using the app ‘Popplet’ animating Howard Martin’s face talking about a spitting camel in the desert. Great fun was had by all!


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