Mythbuster’s Own Tory Belleci is TCEA’s Opening Keynote

During the week February 6-10, 2012, the Texas Computer Educator Association’s convention was held in Austin, Texas. The opening keynote was Discovery’s own Mythbuster’s co-host, Tory Belleci. He provided a poignant, hilarious look at his own struggle at education and explained why he not only desired to learn science but to ‘do’ science.

Tory explained he was very visual and dyslexic and doing science helped him make sense of the science content he was learning. Instead of learning about the periodic table of elements, he was creating varying degrees of bombs in his backyard experiencing science up close and personal and exploring why certain elements interacted and reacted the way they did. He shared how this interest led him to his current work in television including his elaborate introduction video proving that women are just as flatulent as men by going to a Mexican restaurant and taping a hidden recording device underneath one of the tables. This video apparently got him the job on Mythbusters and one of his first jobs was to clean chicken guts off the walls and ceilings with co-worker Kari Byron.

Tory stressed to teachers to believe in students and to make sure that our students know that was do and to meet their learning styles whenever possible. Had science teachers interested him and worked with his learning challenges he wouldn’t have resorted to building pipe bombs in his backyards with buddies. If he had had more participatory learning activities Tory would have been engaged and had technology been included perhaps he would have been more successful in school as well as was out of school at building pipe bombs and creating his own personal science experiments.




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