We’re Following You, Jan Abernethy, from Harrisville PA to Bozeman MT!!

10 miles a day--will they make it in time?

The Annual DEN Summer Institute is legend among DEN members throughout the states, and competition to get a spot at the “densi” is keen. PA is so proud (and I must admit in awe) of Jan Abernethy, who with her horse Sweetie is traveling 1,881 miles from Harrisville, PA to Bozeman, MT, this year’s host site. That would be 1,881 miles.

In her newly-created blog, DEN Summer Institute 2012, she posts frequently, and I heartily recommend you follow her journey. Will she win a spot? I’m betting a shoe in. But I am wondering what Lance (and Jan) will do with her horse for the week?


If you ask me, there’s a book, movie contract, and a television series in this one. Way to go, Jan! We’ll follow you, all the way. And when you arrive, your cowgirl boots will certainly be broken in. God bless you and Sweetie. Take care. We’re with you all the way.

Take 1:31 minutes to watch this gutsy lady and PA DEN STAR trek cross country. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Here’s one fine cowgirl with true grit, and she’s one fine DEN STAR from PA, making us–and the rest of the DEN–so very proud!

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