Matt’s Tips and Tricks 2-27

First and foremost we’ve upgraded our account (that snazzy site that allows you to view this document online) so that you no longer see ads on the side AND you can open now open Matt’s Tips and Tricks on an iPad!

Second – don’t forget to register for, and upload your student videos to, the the first student media contest of the year!  This challenge asks your students to listen to and select one of five songs about Math, Social Studies, Science, Geography, watch its corresponding kinesthetic lecture, and then create their own interpretation of that song in a video.  10 finalists will win 30 backpacks, a Flipcam, and a DEN Polo shirt.  The Grand Prize winner will win the backpacks, Flipcam, shirt, and a school assembly!

Third – I need your help.  In order for me to keep the Matt’s Media Tips relevant, concise and timely, I need your thoughts and feedback.  I’ve created a very short little survey to help make sure that these tips and tricks stay on target and provide value to you.  Please take a few moments (less than 10 minutes) to fill out this short 15 question survey.

This week I’m highlighting the Discovery Education STEM Connect, Interactive Calendar and Atlas resources found inside the Teacher Center.  I’ve also included information about the current student media contest that we are hosting and a whole list of great webinars.   I hope that you find this information helpful.

If the document appears too small on your screen there is a zoom function at the top of your screen.   Simply slide the circle towards the right to enlarge the document.  You may also print the document or save it as a pdf.


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