NETS for Students…. What?

In education, we have standards for all curriculum areas. But did you know about the NETS standards?

The following are the NETS standards for students.

Really? I don’t have time for this too! Is this another bandwagon that you want me to jump on?

The NETS are really about transforming education in an age where being digitally literate is essential. Like learning to read, write, and solve problems, digital literacy needs to be an integral part of classroom instruction.

Here are some ideas of how the NETS can be integrated at the 3rd grade level. It is not as much about changing curriculum as much as it is about taking it to the next level.

Illustrate and communicate original ideas and stories using digital tools and media-rich resources. (1,2)
Technology Resources
FaceJack – iPad2
Green Screen

Engage in learning activities with learners from multiple cultures through e-mail and other electronic means. (2,6)
Technology Resources

Use simulations and graphical organizers to explore and depict patterns of growth such as the life cycles of plants and animals. (1,3,4)
Technology Resources
iPad 2
screenchomp app
Doodlebuddy or drawing app

Demonstrate safe and cooperative use of technology. (5)
Technology Resources

In a collaborative work group, use a variety of technologies to produce a digital presentation or product in a curriculum area. (1,2,6)
Technology resources
iPad 2
screenchomp app
Discovery Education images

It is not about the tool as much as about giving students the opportunity to learn, share, and participate in a world where communication is important and technology enables that communication with a much larger audience. There are many tools. Take the time to learn about the standards and how they can help you to transform your teaching.


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