Prezi U

As many of you know, Prezi is a great presentation tool and an excellent change of page from PowerPoint or Keynote.  I’ll be you didn’t know about a new community site that’s been recently created for everything Prezi in Education.  It’s called Prezi U.  Take a look at this post, from the Prezi U site that explains what it is and how you could benefit from being a part of this community.



  1. Aurelie Duret said:

    Student at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, Master in Global Media and Communication, University of Warwick, UK

  2. Aurelie Duret said:

    Great idea! I love prezi even though i am not an expert yet…this would be even more meaningful as a student 🙂

  3. Ariel Levin said:

    Prezi rocks – they used it here in Israel for Estee Lauder presentation and they managed to create the whole thing in Hebrew.
    I also like Powtoon ( for creating fully animated presentations.

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