A Great Celebration of the Alaska DEN!

The Discovery Educator Network held a social gathering on the Monday of ASTE to celebrate the launch of the Alaska Leadership Council (LC Members shown to the right: Ross Johnson, Jessica Cook, and LC Chair Marilyn Doore) and to spread the DEN word to other Discovery Education users.  The evening event, held at the Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage, was a great success.  Educators from across Alaska gathered to learn about the Discovery Educator Network and all that it has to offer.  Educators networked with each other and relaxed after a long day of learning at the conference.  LC Chair Marilyn Doore introduced LC members in attendance at the event.  Everyone enjoyed great food and beverages, walked away with some fabulous DEN prizes and most importantly, met some new colleagues and learned about the fabulous teacher community known as the DEN! After viewing the Meet the DEN video, DEN Account Manager Lindsay Hopkins tossed out some trivia questions related to the STAR Educator program and with correct answers, educators scored some nice DEN swag.

The excitement over the DEN and the STAR Discovery Educator program could certainly be felt throughout the evening and the it will be great to see more STARS shining in the great state of Alaska!  Pictured on the left are enthusiastic educators who hope to become enthusiastic DEN STARS!



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  1. Teryl said:

    Welcome to a fabulous community! And I recognize a face or two from the Kenai-Soldonta area. So good to “see” you.

  2. Cindy Denny said:

    Thank you for the opportunity to meet other DEN educators from Alaska. I look forward to collaborating and sharing all the great resources we have to offer each other.

  3. Tammy Van Wyhe said:

    Thank you SO much, Lindsay and Chad, for the invitation to the DE reception at ASTE earlier this week! Our school district is new to Discovery Education this year, but we are already loving the resources and wondering how we got along with them! Our entire district “team” at ASTE attended the DEN event at Glacier Brewhouse…and I’m pretty sure all have signed up to be DEN Stars, as well. 🙂 For small, rural districts like ours, DEN is the answer to many of our “we’re too small to network” woes. Looking forward to becoming involved in Alaska’s DEN community!

  4. Shellie Worsfold said:

    Thanks for a great time at ASTE. I have logged my first event and am on my way to becoming a DEN star.
    Great sessioin, Chad, on digital storytelling. You shared many sites I was not familiar with. I love my great DE prizes you gave out, too.
    Teryl, we missed you. Hope to see you in AK soon.

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